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International Touring Exhibition


Parasites - life undercover


After a tour through Europe this touring exhibition which, we created and curated ourselves, will stop off in Berlin in late summer and can be seen here from the 14th August 2015.

Guided tours and education program





Artistic Interventions

A K Dolven, Saâdane Afif und Sabine Scho & Andreas Töpfer


REX in – T.Rex is coming to Berlin!

Original T.Rex
Skull TRISTAN has arrived at the Naturkundemuseum in Berlin.

Research on the original skull will begin immediately after arrival, involving the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin with its own team of scientists.


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Bioinspiration - Ideas from Nature


A science workshop for adults (in english)

3rd of December, 19.00

Last update: 23.09.2015