to the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin

with more than 30 million objects in the scientific collection and a fascinating exhibition one of the most significant institutions of its kind in the world.


Prof. Johannes Vogel, General Director

Guided tours and other activities

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There is more to be discovered in the our exhibition galleries, as you can see on our webpages. Come and see for yourself at our Museum!

The soul sucking wasp by popular acclaim 


Museum visitor participation in biodiversity discovery and taxonomy

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Long Night of Science


10th of May 5 p.m. to midnight


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Long Night of the Museums

17th of May 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.


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Stories from the Museum für Naturkunde

Take a look at this research project’s new website:
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You know something interesting about an object from the museum? We are collecting ideas and stories until the end of April 2014.

Pain Patient in the Triassic:


Palaeontologists from the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and some colleagues published an extraordinary discovery of a fossil reptile: A study in PLOSOne descriped a phytosaur with spondyloarthropathy.


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Parts of the Albertus Seba Collection rediscovered


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