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with more than 30 million objects in the scientific collection and a fascinating exhibition one of the most significant institutions of its kind in the world.


Prof. Johannes Vogel, General Director

Special exhibition PANDA

A black-and-white Sensation

We are trying to answer many questions about Pandas in our new special exhibition.

13 January - 31 July 2015

Discover Natures Great Adventures!


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Dead wasps fly further


Exhibition-project until the 3rd of May


This exhibition is part of International Museum Fellowship of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Masterpieces of taxidermy

Masterpieces of taxidermy

a new exhibition with polar bear Knut, gorilla Bobby, models of insects, historical dermoplastics of hoofed animals, a coral reef and more.

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Old legs all new

300 Million year old amphibian was already capable of regenerating its limbs

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