The Exhibitions

Since they opened in July 2007, the four new exhibition galleries on the theme of "Evolution in Action" have been attracting 500,000 visitors every year. They comprise the World of Dinosaurs, Evolution in Action, System Earth and Cosmos and Solar System. A new attraction was added in September 2010, when the public was given permanent access to a research collection that is among the most technologically advanced in the world.
And there is more to be discovered in the other exhibition galleries, as you can see on our webpages. Better still - come and see for yourself at our Museum!

We have special exhibitions that have become true crowd-pullers. Click here to find more information on our special exhibitions and accompanying events programme.

The World of Dinosaurs

Link to the hall World of Dinosaurs

Evolution in Action

Link to the hall Evolution in Action

System Earth

Link to the hall System Earth

The Cosmos and Solar System

Link to the hall Cosmos and Solar System

The Humboldt Exploratorium

Link zur Seite Humboldt-Exploratorium

The Wet Collections

Link to the page Wet Collections


Link to the hall Minerals

Domestic Animals

Link to the hall Domestic Animals

Masterpieces of taxidermy

Link to the exhibition Highlights of Preparation

Keller's Models

Link to the exhibition Keller's Models

Special Exhibition

from 17 December 2015

Tristan - Berlin bares teeth

International Touring Exhibition

Parasites - life undercover

Last update: 16.02.2016