Alpine Dioramas

Domestic Animals

We have a large display of domestic animals. Impressive large dioramas show the animals in scenery reflecting their natural habitat. Over 300 mounted birds represent almost all Central European species in their habitats. Individual showcases display winners of international bird preparation competitions and the current "Bird of the Year".

Alpine Dioramas

These are three large dioramas built between 1918 and 1925. Travelling was not as widespread then as it is now, and dioramas were a way of acquainting visitors with far-flung countries and their scenery. In order to create a 3D effect, the scenery was painted on concave walls and ceilings, while animals and plants were placed in the foreground. One of them takes visitors into a historic alpine setting more than a hundred years ago, still inhabited by ibexes, bearded vultures and bears.

More highlights in the exhibition "Domestic Animals"

  • Silbermöwe
  • Spatz oder Haussperling
  • Kuckuck
Last update: 16.02.2016