Dr. Peter Bartsch

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science
Invalidenstrasse 43
10115 Berlin

Phone +49 (0)30 2093 8665
Fax +49 (0)30 2093 8868
E-mail peter.bartsch(at)mfn-berlin.de


  • Curator of Ichthyology
  • Project Coordinator for Building

Research interests

Main research interests focus on the evolution and systematics of the major clades of osteichthyan fishes, based on the morphology of fossil and Recent taxa and the structure and ontogeny of ancient vertebrate groups of the Recent fauna: function, early ontogenetic development, and reproductive biology.
General logistics, function and development of research collections form a more recent focus of work.

Relevant projects from the last three years

  1. Early ontogeny of the olfactory organ in basal osteognathostomes – in cooperation with Eckart Zeiske (University Hamburg) and Anne Hansen (University of Colorado); latest publication: Zeiske, E., Bartsch, P. & Hansen, A. 2009. Early ontogeny of the olfactory organ in a basal actinopterygian fish: Polypterus. - Brain, Behaviour and Evolution 73(4): 259-272. Funding by DFG.
  2. Reconstruction of the Eastern wing of the Museum Building; planning and coordination of user demands: Bartsch, P. & Neuhaus, B. 2011. Der Wiederaufbau des Berliner Museums für Naturkunde. – Museum Aktuell 179: 13-16.
  3. Coordination and Planning of the second phase of rebuilding and renovation of the MfN building: "Program of Demand" approved July 2010; Pre-Planning submitted November 2011.



Diedhiou, S. & Bartsch, P. 2009. Staging of the early development of Polypterus. In: Development of Non-Teleost Fishes (Kunz-Ramsay Y.W., Luer, C.A. & Kapoor, B.G. eds), pp 104–169. Enfield, NH: Science Publishers, Inc.

Bartsch, P. 1997. Aspects of craniogenesis and evolutionary biology in polypteriform fishes. - Neth. J. Zool. 47: 365-381.

Bartsch, P., Gemballa, S. & Piotrowski, T. 1997. The embryonic and larval development of Polypterus senegalus Cuvier, 1829: its staging with reference to external and skeletal features, behaviour and locomotory habits. - Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 78: 309-328.

Bartsch, P. 1994. Development of the cranium of Neoceratodus forsteri , with a discussion of the suspensorium and the opercular apparatus in Dipnoi. - Zoomorphology 114: 1-31.

Bartsch, P. 1993. Development of the snout in the Australian lungfish Neoceratodus forsteri (Krefft, 1870). - Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 74: 15-29.

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