Dr. Florian Witzmann

Museum für Naturkunde
Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science
Invalidenstrasse 43
10115 Berlin

Phone +49 (0)30 2093 8820
Fax +49 (0)30 2093 8565
E-mail florian.witzmann(at)mfn-berlin.de


  • Curator of the fossil fish and amphibian collection
  • Research in the fields of fish-to-tetrapod transition, phylogeny and physiology of early tetrapods

Research interests

  • Physiological Aspects of the fish-to-tetrapod transition during the Late Palaeozoic. This applies to the alteration of the skin structure (morphology and histology of dermal bones and scales) and the remodelling of the gill skeleton (feeding and breathing in water and on land)
  • Evolution of the braincase in basal tetrapods and phylogenetic implications
  • Pathologies of the vertebral column in fossil amphibians and reptiles in cooperation with Charité Hospital Berlin und Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie

Research projects

  • Project 1: Sculptured dermal bones as osteological correlates of integumentary
  • structure and physiology of basal tetrapods
  • Project 2: Morphological and phylogenetic changes of the hyobranchial apparatus from fishes to basal tetrapods
  • Project 3: Vertebral pathologies of fossil amphibians and reptiles

Publications (selection)


Witzmann, F. & Leloux, J. (2002): Archegosaurus, een krokodilachtig amfibie uit de oertijd. Teylers Magazijn 76, pp. 13-15.

Witzmann, F. & Pfretzschner, H.-U. (2003): Larval ontogeny of Micromelerpeton credneri (Temnospondyli, Dissorophoidea). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 23/4: 750-768.

Witzmann, F. (2004): The external gills of Palaeozoic amphibians. In: Studies in lower vertebrate palaeontology in honor of Jürgen Boy, Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Abhandlungen 232: 375-401

Witzmann, F. (2005): A dissorophid temnospondyl in the Upper Permian Kupferschiefer of Germany. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Monatshefte 2005 (5): 289-300.

Witzmann, F. (2005): Hyobranchial and postcranial ontogeny of the temnospondyl Onchiodon labyrinthicus from Niederhäslich (Döhlen Basin, Autunian, Saxony). Paläontologische Zeitschrift 79(4): 479-492.

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