Museum guide

Guide about the permanent exhibition: The exhibition and some selective objects are presented with colorful pictures and informative texts.

Museum guide in German or English.
9,95 Euro, available at our shop.

Evolution in Action

Intriguing non-fiction with contibutions on the research done by the Museum für Naturkunde.
Published at the opening of the refurbished exhibition areas.

Editors: Matthias Glaubrecht, Annette Kinitz, Uwe Moldrzyk. 248 pages, Prestel Verlag, Munich, 2007.

29,90 Euro, available at our shop and at bookshops.

Feathered Flight

Feathers are the characteristic feature of birds and a prerequisite for feathered flight. Yet not all feathers are used for flying: their functions are diverse, and their repertoire of forms and colours is inexhaustible.

Feather catalogue for the corresponding exhibit at the Museum für Naturkunde.

Catalogue in German and English.
12,- Euro, available at our shop.

Last update: 14.07.2014