Collection databases

People interested in the collections of our museum can now research specimens held here quickly, comfortably and from wherever they choose thanks to digital, online databases. Basic information about our collection objects can now be downloaded.

GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility

GBIF allows free access to biodiversity information in natural history collections throughout the world. The Museum für Naturkunde offers GBIF data via BioCASE/ABCD.

Object database of the Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main. It contains data from sections of the zoological collections including: Crustacea ZMB, Echinodermata ZMB, Bryozoa ZMB, Hydrozoa ZMB, Porifera ZMB, Vermes ZMB.

SysTax is a central database for biodiversity information held at the University of Ulm. Data for the following animal groups in the Museum für Naturkunde are held in SysTax: arachnids, myriapods and molluscs.

Type material of the Orthoptera Collection of the Museum für Naturkunde
The types of the Orthoptera collection (ca. 1200 species) are searchable, with digital photographs, in the following database:

Database for palaeontological data. This database incorporates global, collection-based and taxonomic data for plants and animals throughout earth history and offers tools for statistical analysis of this information.
Contact person at the MfN: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling wolfgang.kiessling(at)

GeoCASE - Geosciences Collection Access Service
As part of the SYNTHESYS program, the Museum für Naturkunde is compiling basic information to enable geoscience databases in the participating European institutions to be made available via the internet, according to a geoscientifically extended ABCD scheme (Access to Biological Collection Database).
Contact person at the MfN: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling wolfgang.kiessling(at)

Pilot project GeoCASE at the Museum für Naturkunde
Palaeontological and Mineralogical Databases
In a GeoCASE pilot project, parts of the palaeontological and mineralogical collections are available in the following database:

Ehrenberg Collection
This database offers information about material deposited in Berlin by Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (1795–1876), the founder of micropalaeontology and microbiology.

Datebase of the Animal Sound Archive of the Museum für Naturkunde
This database contains more than 120,000 sound recordings. It is one of the biggest collections of animal sounds in the world. More than 25,000 recordings are available for research purposes. Some of them can even be listened to. To access the database, your browser must accept cookies.

AMMON - Online database for Palaeozoic ammonoids
Dieter Korn (Museum für Naturkunde) und August Ilg (Düsseldorf)
Currently the database comprises five ammonoid orders, 41 superfamilies, 151 families, 825 genera, and 4500 species from 8500 localities in 65 countries. 1830 references are linked to the localities and taxa. We implemented 1659 figures showing photographs, cross section, septum, and suture outlines as well as ontogenetic series yet.

Last update: 26.09.2012