Hemimetabola – Hemiptera, Heteroptera and Cicadas

The Hemimetabola collection comprises more than 620.000 items in the shape of dry material, microscope slides or preparations preserved in alcohol. It includes 2,000 primary type specimens and 6,800 paratypes

Collection Items
The Department looks after the following groups of items:

  • Hemiptera
  • Heteroptera
  • Cicadas (Fulgoromorpha, Cicadomorpha)
  • Greenfly (Sternorryncha)
  • Coleorrhyncha
  • Thysanoptera
  • Mallophaga
  • Anoplura
  • Termites (Isoptera)
  • Springtails (Collembola)
  • Protura
  • Diplura
  • Archaeognatha
  • Zygentoma

The collection includes

  • 7.200 Heteroptera including 1,080 holotypes
  • 3.750 Cicada species including 500 holotypes
  • 1.288 Bird louse species including 148 holotypes
  • 500 Termite species including 181 type specimens
  • 68 Animal louse species including 10 holotypes
  • 250 Thysanoptera including 81 holotypes

The oldest stocks of the collection are approximately 200 years old. A large percentage originates from research trips to Africa, South America and the Sunda Islands at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.
Type material has been contributed by Baerensprung, Breddin, Burmeister, Distant, Erichsson, Fieber, Gerstaecker, Jacobi, Karsch, Klug, Melichar, Panzer, Stål and more than a hundred other authors.

Focus on the Afrotropic Ecozone
Although the collection covers the entire Earth, the Afrotropic ecozone is a particular focus of interest – as far as historical material is concerned, as well as recently collected items. In addition, there is a large amount of material from South America, the Oriental region and the Palaearctic ecozone. Many species are represented by large series of specimens, which have particular significance for systematic and zoo-geographic research.

Last update: 11.04.2014