One of the fundamental tasks of scientists at the Museum für Naturkunde is to find an answer to the question: Which animal species lived on our planet in the past and which species are still living on it?

Recording biodiversity today as well as recording the biodiversity of past ages is the foundation of all further biological and palaeontological sub-disciplines. Describing new animal species and positioning them in a system of natural relations (taxonomy) is also part of biodiversity research. You can only write about what you know – this applies to the scientific description of species.

• Why are natural history museums so important?
• How is biodiversity explored today?
• What part have expeditions and laboratories to play?
• What is a type specimen?

We have compiled a list of questions around biodiversity research. You are invited to come and visit the Biodiversity theme area in our Museum to find the answers...

Last update: 21.03.2014