Call for Abstracts

Dear colleagues,

 * * * Please note the extended deadline for abstract tile submission * * *

 * * * We received several queries from workers outside paleontology, and want to emphasize here that other disciplines are welcome! * * *

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) will host the

International Conference on Fossil Digitizing and Digital Collection Data Handling in 2012 (DigitalFossil Berlin 2012),

September 24-26, 2012.

The meeting will consist of Symposia on the main Digitizing Techniques (e.g., Laser, CT, photogrammetry), on Managing Digital Collections and Digital Assets. Also, there will be workshops (3 h each) on digitizing techniques, as well as an extended demonstration of the MFN’s digital database systems and their integration with other systems, e.g., GBIF.

Regular talks will be limited to 15 minutes including discussion, and must be given using a beamer-compatible program (e.g., MS PowerPoint). Extended talks of 20, 25 or 30 minutes length can be suggested to the organizers; their abstracts must be accompanied by a short text explaining why a longer time is required (e.g., demonstration of hardware or software). We also welcome suggestions for workshops.

Researchers interested in participating are called to submit workshop suggestions, abstract *titles* and all author names with institutions by March 1, 2012 extended: April 15, 2012 to



Abstract *text* deadline is July 31, 2012. Abstracts are to be submitted as plain-text emails, MS Word *.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf formats.

Conference abstracts will be published on the Conference website. Papers connected to the conference will be published in the Technical Articles section of the fully-electronic and open access palaeontological journal Palaeontologia Electronica; details will be given in the First Circular.

Before deciding on your contribution, please note again: DigitalFossil 2012 Berlin aims to provide an overview of digitizing techniques and curatorial aspects related to digital data. Research applications of digital data and results of such research are well covered at other conferences, and thus not part of the DigitalFossil agenda.

The conference website can be found at

Participants of the annual meeting of the Paläontologische Gesellschaft (September 24-29, 2012) who wish to give a talk at DigitalFossil 2012 should please point out their participation in the PalGes meeting in their abstract submission email, so that we can plan sessions accordingly. Additionally, PalGes participants can attend both DigitalFossil 2012 talk sessions and workshops for free as visitor, provided there is sufficient room.

We look forward to your submissions, and hope to meet you in Berlin next fall.

Dr. Daniela Schwarz-Wings
Dr. Heinrich Mallison

Stand: 11.12.2014